Moving Soil/Cracked Tiles


Lately we have noticed some cracked tiles in our kitchen floor, not big open jagged cracks but tiny hairline fractures. They tiles are one-foot square, not particularly attractive, just builder grade kitchen flooring. But some of them have cracked.


We were curious as to why the tiles were cracking so we asked a professional. We asked a construction supervisor who deals with flooring issues all the time. He said,

               “Its not a foundation problem, its just poor tile installation.”

Then we had a repair guy look at it and he said,

       “It’s not the foundation, or even soil settlement. It’s a bad tile job.”

And finally, we had a foundation repair guy inspect the foundation and he said,

          “There’s no foundation problems, or soil settlement, just soil movement.”

And I said, “Soil movement?”

Then he said, “Yes.”

And I said, “What’s the difference?”

And he said,

“Soil settlement is when the soil shifts and stays there. Soil movement is when the dirt contracts and expands due to varying amounts of moisture in the soil. The moving soil can cause micro fissures in the slab which can crack the tiles.”

He said there wasn’t anything to worry, that I didn’t have foundation problems, and could either replace the tiles or just live it.


Those residing in the greater Houston area understand soil movement. First of all, our soil isn’t clean and dry; it’s mucky. And then there’s Houston’s climate, which can vacillate between drought and flood conditions. Our soil, like our doors with increased humidity, can get sticky, mucky, and mobile. It moves. That’s life in Houston.


Jesus concluded his sermon on the mount saying that putting his teaching into practice was like a house built on rock. When the storms and floods arrived, the house stood strong and solid.


But the fool who ignored his teaching was like a house built on sand, on a creek bed, in a flood zone. When the rains and floods arrived, the house collapsed.

flood zone house

I guess a solid foundation works for lots of things.


None of us obeys all his teachings all the time, nobody’s perfect. Each of us has a few cracked tiles. But sinless performance isn’t the metaphor. The metaphor is about the foundation our faith is built on.

Is your faith built on solid rock or on a flood-prone creek bed?


We all have a little soil movement, but lets avoid soil settlement, the shifting of faith and by the choosing of flood zone activities and attitudes.

Let’s maintain a rock solid foundation.


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