A Bargain Cave?


Caves can be metaphors for the origins of man and his base mentality.


Sure, here are a few examples:

  • “We came out of the cave”
  • “You are such a Neanderthal”
  • “That’s cave mentality”
  • “If it hadn’t been for women we’d still be in caves.”
  • “Don’t go all caveman on me”

man in cave entrance

Less popular today but still in common use is the phrase, “Man Cave.” The Man Cave offers everything men want:

  • An amazing home theater system
  • Large, comfortable, but well used overstuffed furniture
  • Pictures that encourage his cave mentality
  • Doors that close and stay closed
  • A place for cave dwellers to devour grilled meats




The Bargain Cave blew me away. There before me was a room, in a store built for hunter/gatherers, to buy stuff I needed, or didn’t need, and for getting it at rock bottom prices.

A man can capture something from the Bargain Cave, then thump his chest and walk out happier, prouder, and with a stiffened spine.

Not Saying Men Are Unreasoning Animals

Men are such cave dwellers.


I suppose the downside of the caveman mentality is that it’s stubborn, selfish, and narrow-minded. But I can live with that.


I have a Man Cave. I don’t call it that; I prefer Media Room. But it’s a Cave. It has things on the walls that I like; it has a rumbling, wracking, booming sound system with a very large flat screen TV. There are shelves for movies, books, and more movies. It has large double doors that close me in. It has cool lighting. It’s just cool.

It’s a Man Cave.

It’s also where my wife watches things like Downton Abbey and HGTV.

What’s a Neanderthal to do?

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