A Sticky Door


Here’s the thing, we’ve been sprucing up the house and its all finished except for the one thing I’m writing about.

It’s our shower door. It sticks. Badly. 

shower door.jpg


You would think it a simple thing to fix. But you would be wrong. Thinking this would not be a big deal; I glibly went about soliciting repairmen.

Let the fun begin.

For your entertainment, here is a reenactment of my shower door saga.

First Guy: He inspected the door and said it couldn’t be repaired. He said, “That door can’t be repaired, we will need to replace the entire shower.” I asked, “How much?” He said, “Oh boy, I’ll have to get back to you.”


Second Guy: He said, “That’s a custom designed shower installation, not standard, we don’t stock parts for that. You’ll need to have a new door and hinge assembly, that’s a custom order.”


Third Guy: He was more optimistic. He said, “Let me talk to my boss. We may have a gently used doorframe and hinge that I can use. It won’t match the metal framing on the glass walls, but it will work and it will be cheaper.”


Fourth Guy: He spent two minutes looking at the door and said, “Sure, no problem, just needs a spacer at the bottom of the door.” I said, “Do you have the spacers in stock?” And he said, “No, but I can make one out of high density plastic barrel stock that I have in the van.”

Twenty minutes later he was finished. The door opens and closes better than new. It swings freely and silently and it’s just fantastic.

As he was leaving he said,

         “Now, eventually, the spacer will fail and you’ll have to replace it.” 

And I said,

                                 “How long do I have, a few months?

And he said,
                                “Oh no, you have a few years at least.”

Thank you. Gave him a large cash tip.  



I don’t know why the first three were clueless. Or if they were just angling for the larger profit margin, but such is life.

It can be maddening, but somewhere out there is the right person, the right mechanic, repairman, installer, doctor, lawyer, accountant, pastor, plumber, or shower door expert. You just have to find them.


One of the great things about my Messiah is that he is the perfect Messiah every time, in every way, and for every day. He is easy to find, is readily available, and so very capable.

You need forgiveness? Everlasting life? A savior? A shepherd? A friend?

He is perfect for all of that and so much more. Listen, he is right there, knocking on your door. 

Let him in.


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