I Love The Middle Ones


I’m not saying I don’t have any, I do. Here is one of them. I don’t care for the cinnamon rolls on the outside of the pan. I like the middle ones.


There, I‘ve said it. Some say owning up to it is the first step to recovery.


Here are some of my other eccentric flaws:

  1. I don’t care for the bits and pieces of chips at the bottom of the bag.
  2. Like the cinnamon rolls, watermelon is best enjoyed at the center.
  3. I put the left sock on first, then the right, and the right side irritates me.
  4. Commercials should be muted, not watched, heard, or acknowledged.
  5. I take the full trash bag out of the container, but I don’t put a new one in.

Those are the most annoying things about me. Or maybe not.


Everyone has irritating, annoying habits and flaws. We all do. Yes, I have more than most, but you have them too, you know you do.

Some are of an inconsiderate nature. Or they can just be selfish. Others are odd, weird, or even eccentric. But we all have some.


The teachings of my faith, Christianity, place a high premium on patience, forbearance, gentleness, kindness, and humility. Oddly though, there isn’t much on fairness.

Jesus doesn’t really teach on being fair. I think he knew that most people were not going to be fair, but unfair, self-seeking and self-absorbed. Did his apostles teach about patience and kindness because they knew that without those qualities we wouldn’t survive? That if humility and self-denial weren’t practiced that the world would tear itself apart over a cinnamon roll?


Are you the unfair, unkind, selfish person? Or are you the patient, kind, and humble person? If you are the latter, do you ever give tired of being the mature grown up? And if you are the former, are you ever aware that your immaturity and selfishness cause heartache and grief? Or are you so self-absorbed that it never occurs to you?  


Give patience a chance. Just once, just for today, take the corner cinnamon rolls and leave the center ones for someone else.

Give forbearance a chance. Just once, just for today, try to be tolerant of other people’s intolerance, ignorance, and selfishness.

Give yourself a chance, be more of who the Holy Spirit wants you to be.


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