A Raccoon Tale


The other day, I posted a blog about Rangoons, the little hand wrapped delicacies often served with Asian cuisine. The blog title was, “I Love Rangoons.”


A good friend of mine, while reading the blog, told me that she found it a little disturbing. But she kept reading until realizing her mistake. Turned out she had only glanced at the title and as she read the piece her mind saw”raccoon” instead of  “rangoon.”  

Isn’t that funny? 

But raccoons and rangoons are very different things.


The Rangoon

  • is small
  • is fun to eat
  • isn’t enjoyed every day
  • is typically hand made
  • is fried and smells up the kitchen
  • often best with dipping sauce
  • can be messy

The Raccoon

  • is also small
  • is a barrel of fun
  • isn’t enjoyed every day
  • has amazing hands
  • smells up everything
  • loves dipping things in sauce
  • can be messy

I can understand how my friend confused the two. They are almost spelled the same, they sound alike, I mean, they are virtually identical in every way. Sure. Why not?


Speaking of raccoons, my Uncle Unky had a pet raccoon, not a pet rangoon, because that would be weird, but a pet raccoon that he named Chunky.

Uncle Unky found him in the backyard under a pile of debris that used to be his taxidermy shed. ( I think the still blew up) The hairy little ankle biter was cute and cuddly, and seemed happy to get rescued, so Unky took him in. They were two of a kind. 

baby raccoon
Chunky As A Puppy



Yep, Unky and Chunky were quite a pair. In time they became really close. Some said they were kind of odd, but mostly everyone thought of them as special. 

 He hand crafted a small harness-leash so he could take Chunky for walks and go out in public, like to Walmart and the Piggly Wiggly. I think it was just a piece of twine tied to a bungee cord.

chunky on a leash

It worked fine except for family meals and such. Grandma never warmed to the idea of Chunky sitting at her imported dining room table.(Walmart) She accused Chunky of eating her prized cloth napkins that she got for donating to that preacher on the TV.

It was all kind of okay until that fateful Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house. There we were, seated around Grandma’s fancy imported table when suddenly, and for some unknown reason, Unky took off the bungee harness and Chunky took off with the turkey.

He never really grasped the concept of table manners. But then, neither did Chunky, which wasn’t all that odd for a raccoon. Uncle Unky should have known better. 

Chunky smiling
A Family Favorite Except At Meals


One of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen happened down at the local diner. One day they were having an appetizer special, “All The Rangoon’s You Can Eat” and there was Uncle Unky with his best friend Chunky, sitting in a booth, devouring plate after plate of freshly fried rangoons.

The local paper ran a photograph right on the front page. There was Uncle Unky smiling and feeling sassy, he had his teeth in that day, with Chunky sitting on the table. Chunky was  dipping rangoons in some kind of sauce and handing them to Unky who munching to beat the band. It was just so sweet. The caption in the paper read:



Anyway, Im just glad my friend enjoyed the blog. 

Have a blessed day!


One thought on “A Raccoon Tale

  1. I, too, read it as raccoon the first couple of times through. I so enjoyed your lesson last night. Amanda and I have several friends that are gay. From the beginning, we have told them (in truth) that we do not agree with their lifestyle and am pretty sure God does not either, but, as Amanda says, “We are going to love them to the moon and back” (in love), which is working very well. Next week, could I sit on the In truth side? Are we allowed to alternate between the in truth and in love sides for a little variety? Have a great week and stay out of Asian restaurants and stay dry. Judy Zavalla


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