Those Sweet Summer Days


It’s the first day of summer. I know that’s not what the calendar says, but I don’t care, it’s June, it’s summer time.


All across America kids are out of school, or are about to be. Yippee!

I remember how it felt to be done with school. It felt awesome. We yelled, we yelped, and we jumped for joy.



My favorite childhood summer things:

  • Going barefoot and without a shirt 
  • Riding bikes and skateboards all day
  • Swimming as long as possible
  • Camping at Lynx Lake
  • Water skiing at Canyon Lake
  • Lightening bugs at dusk
  • Sleeping with open windows
  • My mom stepping out to say it was time to come in
    (I didn’t like going in but it was comforting that she did it)

kids-on-bikes     header_SR_BoySkateboarding_d96c_header     swimming_pool_kids

My least favorite childhood summer things:

  • Having to wear a tie to church
  • Having to take a bath when I’d been in the pool for hours
  • Massive sun burns
  • Blisters on my feet from the blistering streets/sidewalks
  • Visiting relatives who smelled funny and were not fun
  • Mosquitoes
  • Two older brothers who, when bored, used me for entertainment
  • That summer was just entirely too short
wearing ties to church
Not really my brothers, they didn’t smile as much.


Some say those carefree summer days are gone. Some say that it was just a different time, or that America was different. Some may be right.

My parents didn’t worry about me being out all day, or out for a couple hours after dinner. They didn’t worry because they didn’t need to. 

We walked, we skateboarded, we rode our bikes. We knew when we should be home and we knew what we could and couldn’t do. We behaved all most all the time. There was nothing to worry about.

I guess it was different.

It pains my heart that parents have to concern themselves with:

  • Pedophiles
  • Kidnapping
  • Crime
  • Unfamiliar neighbors
  • General fears and concerns about a great many things

I’m sure the atmosphere of local neighborhoods differs widely across the nation. But in general, today’s children are the most closely watched and over protected generation in American history.

How sad.


We didn’t have play dates. We didn’t have satellite TV, home theater, game systems, computers, computer games, smart phones, or tablets.

But we could do amazing things with a stick.

Birthday parties were not major events. Parents of my childhood’s generation competed over the best yard, the nicest car, and the fastest boat. Today, its birthday parties.

I guess arranged socializing is the result of living in a deranged society.


The clock is ticking: just 92 days till school starts.

So Happy Summer Everyone! Have Fun. Stay Safe. Play hard.

Be Awesome!

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