Just One More Project!


We have slowly been sprucing up the house. You know, spring cleaning, a little painting, some upgrades, thinning out the closet, and generally streamlining our stuff. Salvation Army did really well at our house.


Do you know what scope creep is? Its when the scope, or size, of the project slowly creeps bigger and bigger. Yep, scope creep.


Here’s what happened. Having face lifted the house, we turned our attentions to the garage. I sifted through and donated a bunch of unnecessary items from the work bench shelves. And BTW: it’s a really nice work bench. It’s painted and has a custom fit formica top. (I don’t like working on the work bench because I want to keep it looking nice.)

Then my wife said,

                  “The walls look pretty shabby. We should paint the walls.”

And I said,

                                       “Sure, let’s paint the walls.”

So we painted the walls with the same paint we used to spruce up the walls in the house. It all fits and flows and look fantastic. Way to go. Nice job. Done. Finished.


And then I said,

   “Let’s paint the garage floor with special floor paint. It’ll be fantastic.”

So my wife said,

                                     “Sure, let’s paint the garage floor.”

So we did.

The Steps to Painting A Garage Floor With Special Garage Floor Paint

  1. Thouroghly sweep floor
  2. Use leaf blower to be sure
  3. Use hose and spray every square foot of floor, let dry
  4. Get down on knees, use putty knife to scrape off stuck stuff 
  5. Repeat steps 1-3
  6. Apply etching to floor, vigorously brush with special stiff brush
  7. Use special foam squeegy to remove water, allow floor to dry
  8. Mix special compound with special garage floor paint
  9. Stir three minutes
  10. Use special roller with special roller pad to paint floor in 4′ sections
  11. Have helper sprinkle the color dots onto painted sections
  12. Repeat steps 11-12 until project is completed
  13. Do not walk on floor for 24 hours
  14. Do not place anything heavy on floor for 48 hours
  15. Do not park in garage for seven days


What can I say?

  • Special Garage Floor Paint Kit: $100
  • Special foam squeegee: $10
  • Special stiff brush with long handle: $10
  • Special applicator for applying etching material: $11
  • Special roller and roller pad for applying special garage floor paint: $12
  • The experience of working together to paint garage floor: Unbelievably expensive and I whole heartedly recommend paying a professional to do the job.
Not Our Garage. Not Even Close


Fixing up the house is a good thing. You always feel better about your home when you take good care of it. You have an enhanced feeling of pride and ownership. 

It’s a wonderful thing to do it together, sharing the moments, working as a team. It can be a lot of fun.

It’s been a sensational six weeks of doing all the projects and upgrades and doing it all together has been just super.

Really it has.


We’ve accomplished so much and are so proud of it all. 

We need a vacation. 






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