It’s A Day of Days


Today’s the day, the day I’ve been looking forward to for several days. 

                                        It’s my 60th birthday.


There’s been some confusion and it’s my fault. Monday’s blog mentioned my celebrating turning sixty over the week end. I inadvertently made it seem as if my birthday had been on Saturday or Sunday. 

It wasn’t. It’s today. 


I’m really not going to do anything special.

Here is a list of things I won’t be doing today for my birthday.

  • Not taking the day off
  • There won’t be a party
  • Not buying anything special 
  • Not reflecting on all the great lessons I’ve learned
  • Won’t be talking about my achievements
  • Won’t list my failures, sins, or disappointments
  • I won’t be lecturing or pontificating

Here is a list of things I wish I could do for my birthday. 

  • Take a nap
  • Have a mocha milkshake
  • Run away
  • Get a pet squirrel named Chester
  • Have a really hot bowl of soup
  • See a double feature
  • Drive a really cool convertible

And Finally:

Here is a list of things I will be doing for my birthday

  • Get out of bed
  • Get ready for work
  • Go to work
  • Work
  • Go home

Wow, it’s a day of days for sure. 


I think I’m going to like being sixty. It’s the first year of officially being older. Yesterday, I was 59, today I’m 60. But so far, it seems okay.

As this special day of mediocrity has slowly overtaken me, people have mentioned something about a club. Some have said,

                                              “Welcome to the club.”

A club for sixty year old people. Huh. What kind of club is it?

Some Club Thoughts:

  • Probably no secret pass word since no one will remember it
  • Not likely to have a secret hand shake, not with all the arthritis
  • Maybe it’s a club where people just sit and sleep a lot
  •  I’m guessing there will be soup, lots of hot soup
  • I’m going to need someone to blow on my soup
  • Lot’s of presentations and seminars about aging
  • Many large monitors with 24 hour weather

Well, as fabulous as all of that sounds, I’m not sure I’m ready for the club.


I’m actually fairly excited about my life.

I’ve set some exciting goals. I’m going to write a lot in the next ten years. 

My first book is being published and scheduled for release next month. (it’s not about turing sixty)

This next decade will see some marvelous developments in the church I serve. 

Danielle and I plan to do some traveling. Our 40th anniversary is just around the corner.

I’m completely committed to keeping the trout of the Colorado Mountains on their toes. In fact, I’ll be casting a fly in the Conejos River in about six weeks.

IMG_0140     IMG_0572



Thank you Lord. Thank you for my life, my wife, my kids, and the blessings I enjoy.

Happy Birthday!

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