May Madness!


A dear friend suggested that I blog about how crazy-busy the month of May always is. I said to her,                  

                                           “Sure, why not?”

Then I said, “Hey, why don’t you write something about May madness and I’ll post it as a guest editorial. She responded with,

                                 “You probably couldn’t post it.” 



Here are some things that happen in May

  • End of school band performances
  • End of school choir performances
  • End of school banquets
  • End of school field trips
  • End of school formal dances
  • End of school tests and final exams
  • End of school sports/athletic awards
  • End of school academic awards
  • End of school rowdiness, pranks, and wild behavior
  • End of school mental diminishment: students & teachers
  • End of school cabin fever
  • End of school commencements
  • End of school: the last day of classes



  • Weddings
  • Spring time youth sports
  • Strange events of all kinds
  • Getting ready to move/relocate
  • Job transfers
  • Family gatherings for graduations
  • Getting ready for summer
  • Planning vacations
  • Other 


Is it odd that I don’t feel the stress and madness? My youngest walked the stage for her Masters 18 months ago. Actually, May is a fun month for me. Here are some reasons why:

  • It’s my birthday month
  • It’s the month I get ready to go fly fishing in Colorado
  • I get to slack off since everyone is busy with end of school stuff
  • (some would say I slack off during the other months too)
  • NBA playoffs, baseball is heating up, college football is coming up


It might be good to mention that my friend is a professional school teacher. She is excellent and I know that her students and families feel blessed to have her. 

However, her manic pace and subsequent exhaustion are most likely exacerbated by the aforementioned madness. 


For me, not so much.


I like teachers. And at the risk of offending some, I’ll say that I especially like teachers who are inspired, passionate, and dedicated. Without examples, I’ll add that public school teachers/administrators have expectations and demands with social and political sensitivities that would choke an elephant. I do not envy them. But I do respect them.

So I doff my cap to you ladies and gentlemen. I hope you’ve had an excellent academic year. As you prepare to push across that finish line, I pray that your mentoring of young minds and hearts will bear much good and lasting fruit. Thank You!


Happy New Year

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