Love, Care, & Connect Today


I recently saw a movie about a man who did great things in service to America. Nobody knew what he did, or how, not even those who were close to him. His life was a mystery, shrouded in secrecy, and he was an enigma even to his family.

He helped to build, develop, and serve the CIA.


It was a sad story. Coming out of college He found himself one evening with a girl he shouldn’t have been with in a place they shouldn’t have been. She got pregnant. Out of duty he married her but didn’t love her. He had a son he didn’t have time for and a marriage that was just for appearance.

Because his work was covert-operations and counter-espionage, only his direct supervisor and a handful of people knew who he was and what he really did. His victories were kept secret, his successes unknown, his achievements were unrecognized.


By the end of the movie, his marriage was officially over, his grown son was estranged from him, and he was promoted to manage a global counter-espionage department.

He served his country well. His work protected the country from foreign spies and plots to intended to harm our way of life. But no one knew and there was no one he could tell.


He married a woman he didn’t love. He loved his son but was a terrible father. He was an unhappy and distant man who was emotionally shut off. He was committed to a life-long career that was dangerous and invisible.


It was just a movie, a story written for the big screen. It was interesting but sad. But I’ve found myself wondering if there are people who go through life in much the same manner.

Which is to say that they go through life unhappy. They work, they are responsible, but duty and a strong sense of something is all they have.


The point I’m hoping to make is this. We all have responsibilities, important and essential. But let’s not miss what’s best in life because we’ve sacrificed joyous connection with others, the sweet fellowship of relationships, or live without the warm embrace of a loving family.

Family, friendships and connections with others: these are the best in life.



Let’s work hard and take pride in our work.

Let’s love and care for those who are close to us.

Let’s believe in the Lord our God and serve him only.


Be strong today. Do what needs to be done. And don’t forget to love, care, and connect with those who matter most.




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