The 15% Curse


It’s been suggested that healthy people don’t get sick. What is healthy? Eating mostly all natural, high nutritional foods, exercising at least three times a week, practicing spiritual beliefs, not using drugs or alcohol, getting sufficient good sleep, and being intuitive about good health. 


Okay, I’m not in the healthy group. 


However, when a healthy people gets sick then there is a question of why? Often, the suggested answer has something to do with the food they eat, they perhaps they are not eating healthy enough.  Here is a list of reasons why healthy people get sick:

  • Too much incorrect information about health.
  • Eating toxic foods that are considered healthy.
  • Getting too much protein.
  • Using depleted or expired ingredients in cooking.
  • Too much sugar.
  • Eating too early in the day.
  • Eating too late at night.
  • Eating too much
  • Not enough nutrition in foods consumed.
  • Too much combining and eating of complex food groups.

This list came from the internet and I neither support or disagree with its validity. I offer it because it’s interesting. 

It suggests that healthy people get sick because of poor eating habits. I would have thought that if healthy people were not eating healthy that it would disqualify them from being in the healthy group?

Eating unhealthy is often defined as too much of this and not enough of that and consuming foods that are nutritionally depleted. 


Would you agree with that assessment? Do healthy people get the flu or the common cold or cancer because their bodies are nutritionally unbalanced? Maybe? Yes? No? 

Does it seem that a lot of the information about healthy eating is produced by companies who sell healthy food? Or from individuals with a book for sale?  

Too many of us eat too much junk food, too much processed food, foods with little or no nutritional value, and foods filled with chemical preservatives.

I don’t know that being 100% committed to the healthiest lifestyle practices guarantees freedom from sickness. Agree? Yes? No?


I’m writing this because I woke up yesterday with a terrible head cold. I’ve already confessed to my disqualification for being in the healthy group. I think it’s because I’m not intuitive about my health. Or I might be, not really sure what that means.

 I’m not a junk food junky. My wife works really hard to cook healthy meals. We try to avoid ice cream, chips, candy, the heat and eat meals from packages and cans, granulated sugars, syrups, cookies, soda, diet soda, milk, gluten, and so forth. She buys organic foods whenever possible, foods that are cage free and free range, and have to be hunted down in the wild. 

I’m maybe 85% committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   


I don’t like being sick. I feel awful. I have a headache, my nose is running, I’m sneezing and coughing, and other stuff too.  

Curse that 15%. 

fried chicken

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