I Noticed Her


Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I met up at a local store. We were replacing something in our house with something else and had noticed some interesting options on their website.


Unfortunately, the website option we liked the best was not in the store. So we inquired about ordering the one we wanted. They said:

         “Sure, no problem, but we can only have it delivered to the store.”

Then we said,

                                                   “Okay, that’s fine.”

Then we asked,

                                                        “How long?”

And she said,

                                       “Ten to twelve business days.”

My wife looked at me and said, “I don’t want to wait that long. The one they have in the store will be just fine.” I said, “Aren’t you giving up getting the one you want?” And she said, “Yes, but it’s okay, I like this one well enough.”


While standing in line to check out, I noticed back in the corner the item we were looking for in the color we wanted. So I asked,

                                                 “Are those for sale?”

Her response,

                    “No, they have been sold and are waiting to be picked up.”

She also said,

               “Did you want one like that? We have several in the back room.”


The result was that she took us back to their storage area and spent several minutes moving things around to get to the one we wanted. We bought it. Took it home, and all is well.


I almost didn’t ask about those in the corner behind the check out area. But I did. Is there a lesson to be learned, maybe? Maybe it helps to notice. And maybe it helps to ask.


1 . My wife. I noticed her and eventually asked her for a date.

2. My car. It wasn’t out on the lot, but I noticed it and asked.

3. My best fly rod. Thought custom made rods were out of reach, but…. 

4. My favorite Colorado river. Hadn’t heard of it, but noticed it on a map.

5. Our house. Noticed it, asked our realtor about it. Bought it.


Some of the best things in life come to us because we notice and ask. Not everything that is best is expensive, rare, or unique. Sometimes life’s simplest pleasures become available simply because we noticed and had the gumption to ask.


Jesus taught that he who seeks finds, he who asks receives, and he who knocks gets the open door.

What is it you are looking for?

What is it you need today?


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