Monday Mother’s Day

Let’t Get Started

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. Today it isn’t. But should it be? 

A Review

Yesterday’s blog was about Godly women who are devoted mothers. It provided a list of 30 daily tasks mothers do. It also mentioned some of their best qualities and characteristics. 

I encouraged the giving of gifts, cards, and flowers in honor and appreciation. Each of these things are good and appropriate ways of giving honor and gratitude to mothers on Mother’s Day. 

mom with baby

For Your Consideration

However, motherhood isn’t always about flowers and chocolates, is it? As fulfilling as raising children can be, there are some challenges that most Mother’s Day cards fail to address. Here are three of them: 

  1. When your kids break your heart. Sometimes children do things that just break a mother’s heart. They say something ugly like, “I hate you.” They say ugly things to others and do things that make a mom scratch her head, feel bad, and leave her weeping and wondering. Those kids will often come back and apologize, but not always.
  2. Being judged. Moms are often vulnerable to being judged. Who’s dishing it out: other moms, parents, in-laws, clergy, friends, and so forth. What’s the nature of their judgment: parenting skills, approach to discipline, birthday parties, the children’s appearance, mom’s appearance, working outside the home, not working outside the home, children’s behavior, their academic performance, their activities, their athletic success or failure, and the list goes on.
  3. Struggling with guilt. Its common for moms to experience guilt regarding their mothering skills. What are the sources? Some of it stems from the judgment mentioned above. But it also comes from feeling they aren’t doing enough, aren’t doing it good enough, that they are somehow letting their kids down, that they aren’t as good a mother as their friends seem to be. Moms can beat themselves up day after day, often suffering in silence. 


Some Closing Thoughts

Mothers make huge sacrifices for their children. They can’t remember that last good night’s sleep they had. They worry about everything. They can live with a reoccurring sense of not knowing what to do. They struggle with striking the balance between kids, marriage, extended family, the house, the activities, the budget, and especially with taking care of themselves. Mom’s rarely feel that they have time for themselves.

mom putting kid to bed

And Finally

I don’t possess the wisdom to fix, solve, or eliminate the three challenges above. 

mom tired

But I will close with a bit of encouragement:

  • God chose Mary to be the Messiah’s mother, God loves moms.
  • God sees your heart, he feels your struggle, and he respects your faith.
  • God would ask you to not give up, to not despair, and to not give in. 

Mothers are the most beautiful and amazing of all of God’s creation. 


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