Mothers Are Awesome


I wouldn’t want to be a mother.


Mothers are special people. Good mothers are wonderfully special. This blog won’t address the social issues of fairness and equality, that’s a different story for a different day. But I will address the high value of good women who are excellent mothers.


Wake up and get ready for the day
Wake up the kids
Make and serve breakfast
Clean up the kitchen
Help kids get dressed/ready for school
Do the laundry
Pack their lunches
Check school work
Take kids to school/bus station
Feed the pets
Do various chores during the day
Go to work part time
Pick up kids after school/meet school bus
Ferry kids to various activities
Run errands
Fix supper
Clean up after supper
Help kids with home work
Transition them towards bedtime
Make sure they brush their teeth
Read to them in bed
Kiss them good night
Finish chores that didn’t get done
Fold laundry
Unload the dishwasher
Spend a few minutes with husband
If a single mom, cope with being single
Get on computer, finish whatever is needed.
Get ready for bed
Collapse in bed
Turn off alarm, get up, start another day
Unless there was a sick child during the night, in that case, she is already up and just transitions to another day having slept little or none at all.
And more…….


Just being around a loving and committed mother makes me tired. They are always busy and are never finished. They multi-task because they must. Moms wear multiple hats and never transition from one thing to the next, but transition to multiple things from the multiple things they just finished.

Good Grief Charlie Brown

They also look out for their children’s spiritual training .They will most likely pray with their kids when their dads won’t and will read and tell bible stories when their dads won’t. Moms are the peacemakers in the family. They soothe, console, advise, correct, teach, support, and fix problems. They can find everything and make everything right.

mom and daughter cookiing

Mom’s are awesome.


A good and loving mother is a gift beyond measure. Parenting isn’t compensated. Moms aren’t paid to be moms but their worth is beyond measure.

Every child deserves a loving mother and a devoted father. But if life intervenes in such a way that a child can only have one parent, I say make sure it’s the loving mother.

So Happy Mother’s Day: I hope you get cards and flowers and gifts and are taken out to dinner. I hope you are thanked, honored, and appreciated. I hope it’s a good and happy day.

mothers day wrapped gift

Please know that God is watching and sees your magnificent heart.

AND FINALLY: I wouldn’t want to be a mother. I’m not strong enough and I’m far too selfish.


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