One Coin, Two Sides


It’s plagued mankind for millennia. 


It’s how men and women differ when it comes to painting a room.

The Feminine Gender

  1. Plan the project weeks in advance.
  2. When feasible, plan it months in advance.
  3. Get samples, swatches and all manner of whatever.
  4. Check to see if color matches wardrobe.
  5. Interview the color scheme for a week or two.
  6. Order special clothes for painting.
  7. Organize ladders,brushes, rollers, pans, and damp cloths.
  8. Prepare: cleaning, dusting, taping, etc. 
  9. Cut in floor boards, door and window frames, crown moldings 
  10. Paint the walls.
  11. Live with the new color for a week.
  12. Decide it isn’t perfect, order new paint clothes, start over.

woman-painting-room-ladder     woman-painting-with-low-voc-paint_eilmmn

The Male Gender

  1. Go to favorite big box store.
  2. Look at paint sprayers, power tools, and buy something unrelated. 
  3. Go paint.

man and power tool.jpg   man painting ceiing.jpg


I am of course exaggerating the above comparison. Men won’t always go to the big box store since they maintain a collection of old paints and supplies in the garage. 


The Men

  1. Will get it done with as little effort as possible.
  2. Are usually willing to paint during half time.
  3. The project will turn out okay.

The Women

  1. Will take their time and give much attention to detail.
  2. Will pause to post pictures on Facebook.
  3. The project will turn out perfectly.

I’ve noticed this painting dynamic at home, at work, and at large. In general, women make everything better, they make it beautiful, and they make it personal.  

Generally speaking, men don’t. 

So there. 


This dynamic runs true unless its something men really care about. We can spend all day working on a car, a boat, or our hunting and fishing gear. We can spend all day getting our home theater system up and running. Why all day? Because manuals are for losers. 

man with tools
This is how a real man gets ready to paint.


Men and women really aren’t all that different. We’re different, but not as much as it seems. We both are capable of doing quality work, of being creative, and of caring about every little detail. We both will invest. Conceptually, we are the same.

Where we differ, is in what we choose to care about. We really are one coin, two sides.

We each need to make sure that what we care about most is what’s most important.

couples painting

Happy Painting

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