World’s Smallest Fajita


Sunday after church we joined friends for a lunch at a local eatery. We were enjoying our meal, sharing our lives, and just having a good time when the manager stopped and asked:

           “How is your food, did everything turn out to your liking?”

Our table responded with favorable comments.

But I said:

         “And what happens if it didn’t? Do I get a new meal?”

And he said:

                      “Not a new meal, but maybe a free desert.” 

Then I said that I didn’t want a free desert. To which he said,

                                   “Then what would you like?”

To which I said,

                                  “I would like the beef fajitas!” 


After he stopped laughing, the manager managed to say that a free order of beef fajitas would in fact not be given.

It all went down hill from there.

Actually, it didn’t. He was a great manager and an effective representative for the restaurant. He knew I was having fun and he quickly engaged without missing a beat. We all laughed, he left, and we continued our meal. 


A few minuets later, here’s what happened next. The manager came over again but this time was holding a small plate, which he put down in front of me. 

It was the world’s smallest beef fajita. Bear in mind that it was served on a 6″ plate. As you can surmise from the picture, my fajita was on a tortilla about 2″ wide. We all laughed and they all laughed at me. It was a good moment, as was the fajita!

fajita pic

World’s Smallest Fajita


The manager didn’t have to engage as he did. He didn’t need to have the kitchen fix up the tiny fajita, but he did. He was already a hit with our table, but went the extra mile. 

He noticed us as we were leaving and walked out to thank us for coming. He offered yet another word of appreciation, so I thanked him, shook his hand, and gave him one of those hugs that manly men give to other manly men.  

He was friendly, funny, and really engaging. 


We interact daily with others and we choose who we are when we do. 

We chose to be warm and friendly, cold and distant, or rude and snarky. 


Today, I’m standing up for friendly, funny, and engaging.

Who will you choose to be?

Black manager

Have a blessed day!

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