On A Saturday Night


The wife and I don’t typically do much on Saturday nights. Due to preaching two services on Sunday mornings, I prefer to turn in early, get up early, and feel refreshed for the day.

Also, it’s worth noting that we are not very good at doing something exciting on a Saturday night. Some might say that we are a bit dull and unimaginative. Some may be right.


But not last night! Last night our church hosted a two hour event of praise and worship that raised me to my feet, lifted up my voice, and got me singing from my heart. It was fabulous. 

church worship

We enjoyed the following:

  • Praise Teams from different congregations
  • Beautiful songs both old and new
  • Worshipping with Christians from area churches
  • The sweet presence of the sweet Holy Spirit
  • Glorifying God with people who love to sing, praise, and glorify.


The apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesian and Colossian churches about worship. He encouraged them to sing from their hearts. He said they needed to let the peace of Christ rule their hearts and to let his word dwell within them. Then they would be able to encourage each other and sing to each other with gratitude in their hearts to God. 

That’s a lot of heart. 


  • Isn’t mumbling meaningless words
  • It isn’t passive
  • It isn’t listening to others sing
  • It isn’t a thorough knowledge of music
  • And it isn’t optional, at least for God it isn’t. 


  • Is a dynamic participation with the Holy Spirit
  • Is an expression of the mind 
  • Is an expression of feeling and emotion
  • Is meant to be a joyous and loving gift to God
  • Is freely given, willingly offered, and is gladly engaged


I don’t know who said it, but someone once said this, “I truly hope you enjoy singing to God, because heaven’s eternity is going to be nothing but singing to God. Singing his praises with thousands upon thousands of angels in joyous assembly.” 

Really? Is that how it’s going to be? 

If it is, then last just might have been a taste of heaven’s eternity. 


Too many of us worry too much about how we sound, or about what others think. We believe that if we don’t sing well then we don’t need to sing at all. 

Imagine the Father watching us. To him, it must sound like, “Me, Me, Me.” Does the Holy Spirit get discouraged by all this?

Are we excused from singing praises to God because we don’t have choir quality voices?

Do we really think any of that matters to Him? 


In a couple of hours I will be sitting in church. I can glorify him with my voice, engaging my mind and heart, to praise him up in glorious worship. 

Or not.  

Which will it be for you?



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