“Not Bad For A Tuesday”


Last week I heard someone ask their friend this question, “How you doing.” The response was, “Not bad for a Tuesday.” 

Uh Huh. 

What does that mean? How is a person supposed to feel on Tuesday? “Not bad for a Tuesday,” suggests that Tuesday’s have something about them that affect our emotional well being. 


The days of the week with feeling: 


Mondays feel tired and dreary: its back to work, school, and routines.

Wednesdays feel long but hopeful: only two days left, I can do this!

Thursdays feel intense: nearing the finish line, wrap things up. 

Fridays feel good: it’s the week end; fun, friends, and relaxation. 


Tuesdays are empty. Perhaps the person responding with, “Not bad for a Tuesday,” was referring to how Tuesday’s are so bereft of purpose. Maybe he was feeling good about having found something to do?


Perhaps the time has come for this idea. Since Tuesday’s are dull and pointless, I’m suggesting they be dropped from the work week. It might look like this:

  • Monday: Go to work
  • Tuesday: Don’t go to work
  • Wednesday-Friday: Go to work
  • Week ends remain the same, no change

Tuesdays would become another day off with pay. Employers might disagree, mildly, and some might even complain. But really, nothing gets done on Tuesdays. When you think about it, it’s absurd that business and commerce have been trying to prosper on Tuesdays, it’s ridiculous. 


So let’s get busy writing congressmen, senators, politicians, union leaders, supervisors, employers, and whomever it is we write when we write to someone in authority. Let’s get Tuesday’s realigned to where they should have always been: a much deserved day off!


To help jumpstart this fabulous idea, I’m taking this Tuesday off. I can’t imagine anyone caring, or even noticing. I do have some scheduled appointments, a staff meeting, a church leader’s meeting, and probably some other stuff. 

This could prove difficult. 


I’ve written this blog at 4:30 on Saturday morning. There’s a small chance it may lack clarity and a high probability that it lacks any redeeming value. 

See you on Tuesday.

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