Driving Insanity


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Aren’t Relationships Wonderful Darling?

My thing is that all week long I’ve been blogging about touchy-feely sensitive stuff, you know, relationships and what not. Now I need to speak out about something, so here goes. 

I’ve decided to go off cars. I’m done. Really. I’m off cars permanently. Maybe longer. 


Some reasons for doing that are:

  1. The drivers of the entire western hemisphere are insane.
  2. Some are supergluing their right foot to the gas peddle.
  3. Many have no concept of braking, or slowing down.

It’s insanity. There, I’ve said it. Don’t hate me for telling the truth. Somebody had to say it and I am glad it was me

BTW: If you live in the western hemisphere and are a faithful follower of my blog, then I’m not talking about you, clearly you’re not insane. Naw, I’m guessing you’re just fine. 


Here’s my beef. I was on the I-10 headed towards San Antonio when it occurred to me that I was really on hell’s hi-way. For the past 38 years that freeway has done nothing but get crazier and scarier. It’s more Autobahn than freeway.

People were driving too fast, rapidly swerving in and out with their wacky lane changing, forcing their cars into the tiniest of openings, which forced motorists to brake to avoid collisions. All of the last second braking quickly turned into chaos since the insane ones have largely given up braking.  

It’s all falling apart. 

 Good that I was there though. Being the one sane motorist, I replenished the sweetness that is so sadly lacking in todays motoring experience. Good for me! But it wouldn’t last.


The problem was that the drivers resented my safety sustaining driving techniques. Their facial expressions were not just unkind, they were evil and communicated a high level of hostility. And I have no idea what all those hand gestures were about. I’ll tell you, it reminded me of the Great War, but that’s another story.

Here is a pic I managed to take when a crazy woman passed me while driving in my lane!


I kept startling and scaring myself with quick glimpses in the rear view mirror, turned out it was me with smiling some maniacal grin. I don’t know. 

Here is a picture of me during an intensely frightening moment on the Hi-Way of evil. 

scary man


I may or may not be seeing you soon. 


Giving up cars won’t be easy, but I’m committed. I haven’t quite figured out how to get around. But I am not deterred. 

(You think the church might spring for a helicopter?)

Just a thought. Happy motoring.

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