Choosing Children


Jesus loves the little children of the world.



I’m able to write this blog because Paul and Doris got married. They chose to have children and had three sons in five years. We were the result of their marriage, but my sister was wasn’t. She was specifically chosen from among hundreds of Vietnamese orphans, in South Viet Nam, 48 years ago. 

Haiti has 760 orphanages housing 32,000 children. Could they be adopted? Probably not since most of them aren’t really orphans. At least 80% of them have at least one living parent. Why is this? Because Haitian couples have too many kids and too little money. 


I’m not writing about adopting children but about our choosing them, preferring them. 


Jesus chose children, he preferred them to their parents. I think the kids were more fun.

At church, children will come up to hug me. Sometimes they want to sit and talk about school, or a game, or something they’re excited about. Sometimes they sit with us during worship services.

Like Jesus, I find the children to be more fun than their parents. 

It’s awkward when adults are talking with me and kids come up to see me. I usually stop and engage with them. I think the adults get a little annoyed, but I don’t mind. Jesus chose the children; and that’s a good example for me. 

We were recently invited to attend a family birthday lunch. Their daughter was turning ten! The Mom uselessly told me not to get a present. Are you kidding me? I was either bringing a great gift or a card full of cash. You have no idea what it means to me to have a child want me at her birthday lunch.


I attended our church’s annual preschool Spring Sing event. There were 75 preschoolers on stage singing their little hearts out. I love it that our church chooses children.

In fact, the church relocated about 12 years ago. They built a gym, a great nursery facility, and plenty of children’s classrooms. They chose the needs of children over a designated worship center. Worship was held in a multi-purpose facility. It was an excellent choice. 


We chose children. After a couple of “not meant to be” pregnancies we ended up with a son and a daughter. They’re adults now and remain the pride and joy of our lives. 


Brand new kids are born every day, worldwide. Some are wanted, some aren’t. Millions are sold or abandoned. Millions more are aborted before seeing the light of day. 

Today I choose to speak up for choosing children. 

Today I’m asking you to share this blog to encourage others to choose children.


Jesus loves the little children, Jesus loves the little children of the world.



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