The Vine: Preparing Generations

Opening Thought

Last night I attended an amazing event.

What Was It?

It was the Southeast Church of Christ’s preschool: Vine Spring Sing. 

What was inspiring? 

  1. Hundreds of parents, grandparents, friends and family in attendance.
  2. The gym walls decorated with art work and projects from each class.
  3. The silent and public auctions that were robust with enthusiasm.
  4. The refreshments and table decorations that were fun and tasty.
  5. And the kids.

There was about 75 children, two, three, and four year olds who capped the evening with a  presentation of: words of welcome, songs, scripture quotations, and more. They were adorable. They were cute. And they were well prepared. 

Each year I’m amazed by the Spring Sing. How in the world do they get all those kids to learn all those songs and memorize all those scriptures? It baffles me. Then they entered the Worship Center, took the stage, and they were marvelous. What a sight! 

Many will return to the Vine next school year. Some will graduate in a few weeks and start Kindergarten in the Fall. 

Each year, there are kids starting and there are kids finishing. But each child, for as long as they are in the Vine, receives the loving care of some very sweet and capable people. 

Giving Credit

I give a lot of credit to Melissa McAdams, the Vine Director, for her vision, dedication, and leadership. She has served the program for ten years and does a fantastic job. She works hand in hand with Southeast’s Children’s Minister, Janel Hopper, who supports the Vine by leading worship, assisting with events, and giving support to Melissa. It’s a great team!

Final Thoughts

Some of the kids on stage had laser beam focus. Some were jumping up and down with excitement. Some couldn’t stop waving at their families. Others couldn’t stop dancing and some just couldn’t stop moving. But they all shared something in common: each was adorable, essential, and well loved.

Jesus would be proud. He loved children. He would have so enjoyed being in the Worship Center to appreciate and marvel at the children. Actually, as I think about it, he was there. 

To Close

Maybe one of those kids will grow up to be President. Maybe one will cure a disease or  invent something to well serve humanity. Or maybe one of them will one day send their children to the Vine, and one of those kids will go on to change our world.

Just a thought. 


Here is a video clip from last night’s event. Thank you Brandi Hinson.

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