A Definition

Obsolescence: “The condition of no longer being used or useful.” 

Here’s What Happened

What happened was that a lady at church was selling home made, to die for, out of this world cinnamon rolls to raise money for a mission trip. I ordered three dozen. (don’t ask)  and she delivered them to my office.


I didn’t have cash so I offered to give her a check. She said sure and so I went and got the checkbook from my desk.

I glanced at the date of the last check I wrote, it was May, 2014.

It felt so odd, I almost couldn’t remember how to fill it out.

Some Perspective

Here are some things that have become obsolete: (or soon will be)

  1. The rotary phone
  2. Drip coffee makers
  3. Printed phone books
  4. DVD players
  5. Desktop calculators
  6. Answering machines
  7. Fax machines
  8. Rolodexes
  9. Alarm clocks
  10. Writing checks 

The Way Of Progress

Is this progress? Will all of this really help me? Am I becoming a better human being? 

Of course I am. Progress is better. Advancement in technology automatically increases the value of the human experience. Absolutely!  

Maybe Not

But maybe it’s not. The laptops, portal computers, tablets, smart phones, the online shopping, ATM Cards, social media, and all things digital are undeniably impressive. And they all have their places.

But its also created distance in marriages, families, and friendships. Do people spend too much time with their phones and devices: checking email, texts, Instagram and Twitter and Facebook? I guess it depends on the person. And BTW: the smart phones have become so smart that we need to call them smarter phones, or brilliant phones.

 I use my phone for everything: banking, buying, travel, plane tickets, theater tickets, email, texting, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, new information, news, GPS, games, puzzles, entertainment, investments, research, Dropbox, file storage, sermon notes, picture and video storage, music, tv, movies, and occasionally, for phone calls. 

Just last night at dinner, my son said to me, “Dad, you seem to be preoccupied with your phone.” I was. I had three text conversations going, one of which was important. 

Some Closing Thoughts

If this keeps going the way it’s going, the coffee makers and fax machines won’t be the only things becoming obsolete.

Nope, I’m afraid families, family dinner, family time, relationships, friendships, and just *time spent together are also headed for obsolescence.

*Note: “Time Spent Together” This was popular in the 20-century when friends and  families would gather in the same space to engage in verbal conversation. It was quaint and somewhat charming, but it peaked around 1998 and was extinct by 2018.

For further information see: http://www.access.archive/tribal-rights/20-century.com

You can use your phone.  



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