Blood Stained Khakis

Here’s An Odd Thing

 It was dark when I left this morning. I arrived at my coffee place, went up to order, and then realized my left pants leg was badly stained. Turned out to be blood stains. My left index finger was cut, but I didn’t know. Even worse, my pants are white khakis. Basically, I look like a guy in a knife fight. 

Some Thoughts

The stains were how I new there was a problem. My finger didn’t hurt. There wasn’t any warning. Had I known, I would have put on a bandaid at the house, or while driving, found something to wrap around my finger. But I didn’t know.

Some Kind Of Lesson Here?

There may be some kind of lesson here. 

A while back, I noticed a piece of trim on the front porch railing that looked funny. I got out the paint and a brush and applied a fresh coat. Problem solved. Good job Rick. Way to be Mr. Fix It Guy! 

But I wasn’t, and it wasn’t. In a few weeks the discoloration was back. I started scraping the paint and then realized that the wood was soft. It was rotten underneath. I could apply a fresh coat every week, but new paint was never going to fix the problem. Something deeper was necessary. I had to cut out the bad piece of trim, fit a new piece, then prime and paint it.


What happens when the rotten part is inside of us? Maybe its a bad habit, a character flaw, or something sinful. Such things can be hidden or camouflaged for a while, maybe even for years. But at some point, the rotten stuff begins to surface. We keep applying fresh paint, but eventually, it’s just can’t hide it any more.

If we had taken care of it when it first started, it would have been simpler and less painful. But if we wait too long, then its major surgery, or worse. 

Closing Thoughts

The blood stains on my pants will wash out, I least I hope so. But even if they can’t, I can always buy another pair. 

khaki pants.jpg

Is that true of us? Can the stains of my sinful character be washed out? Can I order a new character from Amazon? Can I Google it? Maybe our favorite big box store will have a sale:

“Today Only, New Characters! 20% Off The First Fifty Get a Free Soul Lift Smoothie!”


Jesus knows about blood stains. Thankfully, he’s less concerned with how I look and more concerned with how I am.

He redeems. He washes clean. He is the Lamb of God that takes a way the sin of the world.

I think I’ll go buy a new pair of khakis. 

Can I go buy another soul? 


Just a thought, Shalom!


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