It’s A Bulb Thing

Here’s A Thing

Our closet light went out. It’s a fluorescent fixture that uses a pair of 4′ tubes. I bought the replacements tubes, set up the big A-frame ladder, and did the deed. No problem.

Here’s The Problem

The fixture uses mini-tubes. They’re the same length, but different diameter. I of course bought the large diameter tubes that wouldn’t fit.

It’s A Bulb Thing

I’m a big fan of electric lights. I’ve never known a day without them. Except of course when camping in the wilderness and the week after hurricane Ike.


There are all kinds of light bulbs in my house:

incandescent bulbs

low and high wattage bulbs

those energy efficient curly bulbs

refrigerator bulbs

oven light bulbs

tulip style bulbs

mini-lights under the kitchen cabinets

small desk light bulbs

three in one bulbs

spot light bulbs

small and large base bulbs

night light bulbs

media room bulbs

bathroom fixtures bulbs

LED lights

halogen bulbs

the large bulbs for the kitchen “can” lights

and more…..

Are you kidding me? Really? Mr. Edison would be so happy.

Why Does It Matter?

It doesn’t matter, not really. But up on the ladder, realizing that my closet’s low-end light fixture utilizes “special fluorescent tubes” well, it just struck me as odd.

When did I become so deserving of having so many lights?

This morning, at 6:15, I walked through the house and counted 96 bulbs currently installed. They are rarely, if ever, all turned on at the same time, but still, nearly 100 light bulbs!

Some Questions

  1. Are we afraid of the dark?
  2. When did light become a fashion statement?
  3. Just how bright does every room, corner, and closet need to be?
  4. Are we in danger of catching a dreaded “dark-disease?”
  5. In addition to all the light bulbs, do we really need dozens of candles?

pretty lights

We can certainly see well enough, but we may have lost our minds!


This morning I got to my desk, turned on the lamp, opened my laptop, and began blogging, while listening to music. After a few minutes, I went into the kitchen, flipped the switch that turned on about a dozen lights and made some coffee.

Then I came back to finish blogging about people’s obsession with electric lights.

office desk light

Some people are just so unaware.

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