My Little Happy Place

house tools


An Opening Thought

On Saturday I was waiting for a guy to do some work on the house. He works for a well know company that is highly recommended, and has good reviews. Cool. 

He never showed up. He didn’t call. 

Was There A Problem?

Here was the problem. They committed him to be at my house between 11:00-12:00. By 2:30, when Danielle came home, I was ready to find a different company. However, before I could, she called them and found out some things.

  1. He did show up. He went to the wrong house, but he showed up. Danielle checked and he had the right address, he just went to the wrong house.
  2. He did call. He didn’t have my number, which would have made sense, but rather had Danielle’s number, which didn’t. He called her phone, she was busy and didn’t hear it ring.

Some Reflection

Life happens. It does. As much as we want to be in control, the truth is, we are hardly ever in control. I’m always on time, except for when I’m not. I don’t miss appointments except for when I do. I don’t forget the items Danielle asked me to get on the way home, well, mostly I don’t. 

Not to mention the freeway backups, flat tires, spills on my clothes, or someone else’s urgencies, emergencies, and so forth.

Closing Thoughts

Do these things happen to teach me something? Or are they just random occurrences that afford me the opportunity of learning? 

Is a more patient, calm, and relaxed Rick a better version of who I am at the moment? Maybe? Probably? Definitely!

Trouble is the virtues my mother wanted me to have, not to mention my wife, kids, friends, church, and maybe even the Lord, have to be developed and cannot be installed. The process can be irritating, painful, and lengthy.

Why can’t everyone else be patient, calm, and relaxed and let me be impatient, rushed, and stressed out? Would that be so bad?

Oh well, the house will get done. Danielle will be happy. Life will make sense. 


Final Thought

Don’t worry about me, I’m returning to my sweet, little happy place.


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