Amazing Things Happen

Let’s Launch

Some of the most amazing things can happen accidentally, or unintentionally.

The Civil Rights Act


In 1964, a Congressman named Howard W. Smith was bent on defeating the Civil Rights Act. His strategy? He introduced to congress the idea of adding a single word to the bill, it was the word “sex.” Congress agreed and the Civil Rights Act was amended to end discrimination based on, “Race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.” Smith believed that some of his fellow congressmen, who were open to race equality, would defeat the bill just to keep women from voting. His strategy backfired. Not only did the bill pass, it jump-started the era of women’s equality.

Eliminating The Competition

Some of the men who were deeply jealous of Jesus plotted to have him killed. Their strategy? Charge him with breaking the Law of Moses, use false witnesses, then sentence him to death. It worked. The Sanhedrin convicted Jesus and pressured Pilate to approve crucifixion. Wow, they had done it! They eliminated the competition. Jesus was humiliated and suffered a shameful death. Imagine their surprise to see him risen from the dead and more popular than ever.


For Consideration

Sometimes life happens in spite of our foolishness and ineptitude. Sometimes what is meant to happen does happen even though people are bent on keeping it from happening.

Crossing The Finish Line

Racism, inequality, and political machinations have caused immeasurable amounts of pain, suffering, and conflict. But ultimately, evil is overcome by good. Darkness is exposed by the light. And truth triumphs over whatever stands agains it.

It takes time for the light of truth to emerge victorious. But it does, it will. 

Final Thought

Amazing things can happen “accidentally” and “unintentionally” So don’t give up.


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