Men Shopping, Part Two

First of All

I want to thank everyone for your emails, texts, and comments regarding yesterday’s blog. Your feedback is appreciated. Your remarks were both pithy and persuasive. Some of them were even void of expletives!

Fan Mail

Moving On

Your response has motivated me to write part two of Men Shopping. I’m not sure why, perhaps I like the pain.

I Treasure Your Feedback

For Your Awareness

First of all, no, I’m not a sexist pig, whew, glad that’s cleared up.

Secondly, yes, I am aware that men and women are different, but thank you for making that crystal clear.

Lastly, I’m neither ignorant nor imbecilic. Although, I can see your point. 

The Truth

Although men are from Saturn and women from Pluto, or someplace, it turns out we all shop here on earth. Not even Amazon Prime offers shopping on-line for off-world products. Still, shopping on earth is pretty good. 


The Top Five Things Men Choose To Spend Their Money On

  1. Investments
  2. Entertainment
  3. Women (dating, gifts, and more dating)
  4. Hobbies and Sports
  5. Betting and Gambling

The Top Five Things Women Choose To Spend Their Money On

  1. Shopping
  2. Beauty/Clothes
  3. Health/Fitness
  4. Love/Dating
  5. Home Furnishings

o-PILES-OF-AMERICAN-MONEY-facebookWhatever we’re buying, we’re buying a lot of it. U.S. retail sales in 2013: $4.53 trillion. A trillion is 1,000 billion. In 2013, Americans spent $4,530 billion dollars on stuff. 

Let’s measure in time counted backwards

  • 1 million seconds is 12 days ago
  • 1 billion seconds is 31 years ago
  • 1 trillion seconds 30,000 BC

Let’s measure in height using $1,000 bills

  • 1 million dollars is 4 inches high
  • 1 billion dollars 364 feet high
  • 1 trillion dollars is 63 miles high

In 2013, Americans spent 285 miles high in $1,000 bills.  

Here’s what I want t to know: Where is all the stuff we bought?

Some Thoughts 


Some More Thoughts

Men don’t care to shop, at least not the shopping women do. But truthfully, men really enjoy shopping for things that are important to them:

  1. Cars & Trucks
  2. Rifles & Guns
  3. Fishing & Camping gear
  4. High-End Electronics/Cell Phones
  5. Sporting Goods 
  6. Pizza/Bacon/Donuts (not sure it’s a bonafide category, but still…)

In Closing

I love stuff. I do. I don’t mind shopping and spending to get the stuff I care about.

What’s irritating is the judgmental attitude of people who disapprove of what others spend their money on.

I may think it normal to spend hundreds on a fly rod and reel, then roll my eyes at someone spending hundreds on a watch. (actually, I like watches too) 

I’ve known people who judged others for having a pool but thought nothing of owning a $40,000 motor home. And I quote, “Christians shouldn’t have pools, it’s wasteful and ostentatious.”

Uh-huh. Sure.  


Perhaps we should spend a little less and save a little more, maybe? Perhaps we could shop a little less and do a little more to help the other guy? 

 We are different. I think tolerance and patience are attractive virtues in diversity. 

Ladies, shop on and be happy. Men, see you at the shooting range. 

Just some thoughts




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