Lighting Up

Getting Started

Jesus is good for all time zones. That is to say his message of God’s love is good globally. Which works well since God so loved the world. 


For Consideration

Jesus of Nazareth was sent primarily to the lost sheep of Israel. However, in his earthly ministry he also spent some limited time among Gentiles, outside the borders of Judea and Galilee.

His doing so fulfilled Isaiah’s messianic prophecy that a great light would appear among those living in darkness. As the light of the world, his luminescence was needed everywhere, and was therefore offered everywhere. 

How It Matters To Us

We of course are the blessed recipients of the Messiah’s light. We have received one blessing after another, for the law was given through Moses but grace and truth came through Jesus the Anointed of God. 

Like the apostles before us, we have a global sense of the message and its mission. We send, and sometimes take, the love of God to those who need it and to those who are in need. Compassionate service is a well lit avenue for sharing the light of Christ.


Making It Real

The sum total of all believers is unable to exist as a single fellowship, at least physically. We gather in houses of worship, in houses of families, in varied structures everywhere, and even gather outdoors. But we gather with intentionality, we gather with divine purpose.

Each gathering, whether few or many, is charged to take the light to the edges of their lands and borders, and even beyond. 

Last Sunday, one such gathering gathered to send the light to some of Haiti’s children. They did the following:

  1. Donated 3,000 pairs of socks. (they recently gave 3,500 pairs of shoes)
  2. Gave more than 1500 caps/hats. 
  3. Gave more than a 1,000 red bows and red spools of ribbon.
  4. Sponsored 85 more children for Christian education for a total of 318 kids.
  5. Contributed $10,000 to purchase solar lanterns so children and families living without electricity can light up their impoverished homes. 

Crossing The Finished Line

All over the world, people in God’s name are helping, serving, doing, providing, assisting, building, feeding and providing clean water to those in need. Let’s also be sure to offer the living water of life. 


Jesus is good for all time zones, he is good for you.

Keep living the light. Keep being the light. Keep sending the light.




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