The Numbers

Getting Started

The Bible has a surprising amount to say about numbers. There’s even an entire book in the Law of Moses devoted to numbers; it’s called Numbers.

Just a Few of Many Examples

  1. The dimensions of Noah’s ark
  2. Goliath: his size and the weight of his armor 
  3. The length of the river in Ezekiel’s prophecy
  4. The number of those leaving Egypt
  5. Those baptized on the day of Pentecost
  6. The number of special servants appointed to serve widows
  7. The days and nights Jesus would be in the tomb

Preachers are famous for inflating numbers, always wanting things to be bigger and more than they really are. Preachers shouldn’t be so numbers conscious. On the other hand, I’ve never heard of a church keeping its preacher due to declining membership, shrinking bible classes, and diminishing contributions. 

For Consideration

This past Sunday, the congregation I serve dedicated themselves, yet again, to helping the people of Haiti. Specifically, they donated money, clothing, and needed items for the children enrolled in the Christian school at Cite Soleil, a slum community of Port-au-Prince. They also stepped up to sponsor scores of additional children needing  sponsorship.

It was a glorious morning. Each person, couple, and family brought their donations of money and items to the front of the stage. It was a sacrifice of praise, a gift to the Father in service to the Haitian children. It was marvelous!


 I won’t list the amounts of sponsorships, donations, and money contributed. Those numbers will be sent out this afternoon from the church office.

However, I will say that the numbers exceeded all my predictions and expectations. 

Bringing It Home

There are moments when I realize that God is not impressed with me and my numbers. I guess speaking a world into existence is a bigger thing than how many scriptures I’ve memorized, prayers I’ve prayed, or dollars I’ve contributed. Yes, he sees  everything and by our fruits we are known. I get that.

But clearly, I need less pride and more humility when it comes to measuring things.

The Finish Line

So I might need His pardon for measuring the outpouring of love I experienced this past Sunday. I have never been more proud of my church. They overwhelmed me with their overwhelming love and amazed me with their amazing generosity. And they inspired me by their willingness to step up to the challenges set before them. 


Today I am giving thanks for amazing grace from our amazing God.


Thank You Lord!



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