Weak But Getting Weaker?

Opening Thoughts

Have you noticed that valet parking is on the rise? Valet service used to be a benchmark for expensive restaurants. Now hospitals, shopping centers, all kinds of restaurants, and even churches are featuring valet service. When did walking become an egregious thing? Are we getting weaker?


An Observation

I understand valet service when the alternative is a parking garage three blocks away. I get it. But when you can park across the street? 

 I recently ate at a restaurant located in a mall. Actually, it was a pedestrian mall, a cool place with all kinds of interesting shops, trendy restaurants, and a movie theater with waiters and menus. There’s nothing better than a cheeseburger and fries in a big screen movie theater. O wait, there is something better. You can have all that and valet parking. Valet parking for a pedestrian mall? Really?

The valet service was curb side, about forty feet from the no-cost parking lot. Honestly, I was tempted to pull up, toss the guy my keys, and saunter in like a movie star. But I didn’t. 

My Concern

Are we weak and getting weaker? Or is it just me? We’re already weak from all the eating out and valet parking, but I refer to our mental state of mind.

Two Examples

  1. I’ve seen cars buzzing around mall parking lots, passing space after space, searching for one closer to the entrance. I know this because I’ve done it many times, and let me tell you, those people can be really irritating. 
  2.  I’ve seen people at my health club drive around and around waiting for a car to leave, so they can park closer to the door, at the gym, to exercise. Really? (I go early in the morning and get a good spot by right by the door.) 

robots at home.jpgThe appeal of convenience and the attraction to things being easier, faster, and with less effort have become an obsession. Within twenty years we’ll see robots in our homes doing most of the things we normally do.

One-upmanship used to be about cars, boats, and campers. Or being the first to get a pool. Soon, it will be who has the latest model of robot.

New inventions like modern appliances, computers and personal electronics were supposed to be time-savers, resulting in better family life and the happy pursuit of our interests. But that’s not even close to being true.

In Closing

Are we weak and getting weaker?

Why are we mesmerized by the coolest and greatest gadgets? Will the cool things make our lives any better? They won’t. Well, they might, but in a month or two, when the next greatest thing comes out, we’ll rush down to the store, pay $8.00 for valet parking, and with vibrating anticipation, await our turn to own it.

Actually, that seems like a lot of bother, I think I’ll send my robot.




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