Opening Thought

It’s 48 days until my birthday. It’s likely I’ll mention it again before it arrives. Why? Because I’ll be turning sixty.


For Consideration

What’s in a number? It’s just a number, right? Nothing to worry about?

There are milestone birthdays in life that draw attention.

  1. Turning 13
  2. Turning 18
  3. Turning 21
  4. Turning 40
  5. Turning 50
  6. Turing 60
  7. And others… 

It feels like the”60″ milestone is really far down on the list.

Some Properties of The Number Sixty

  1. Sixty represents the global karma of the universe and the general providential action exerted on the whole of the world. (I have no idea)
  2. Paul wrote that at sixty a woman could be placed on the list of widows.
  3. The distance from the earth to the moon is sixty times the terrestrial ray.
  4. Sabbath is mentioned sixty times in the N.T.  
  5. Sixty is the natural number following 59 and preceding 61. (this is my favorite)

For Consideration

I’m not sure how I feel about turning sixty. Is there something I should be feeling? Will it feel different then when I turned 59? Is sixty the first year of no longer being middle aged? Or do I still have five years until I’m officially old? 

Someone told me that sixty is the new fifty. I don’t really get that. But okay. 

There are some things already happening before I turn sixty.

  1. My hair is totally grey.
  2. I have stiffness, aches and pains I didn’t have at fifty.
  3. Restaurants, theaters, and other places are asking if I want a senior discount.

But there are some other things happening as well.

  1. I’ve never had as much enthusiasm for God’s kingdom as I do right now.
  2. There is more to study, learn, and absorb than I ever imagined!
  3. The goals I’ve set for my sixties are more challenging than any other decade. 

In Closing

These are things I’ve promised or committed not to do as I grow older: 

  1. I’ve promised not to obsess about the weather.
  2. I’ve promised not to discuss my health issues with others.
  3. I’ve committed to being positive, to laugh and to make others laugh.
  4. I’ve committed to having a strong faith and a deep confidence in God.
  5. I’ve promised that as I get older I won’t write about getting older.


Have a great day all you young people.

birthday cake

2 thoughts on “Sixty

  1. Rick you are a “HOOT”. Now if you don’t know what that means, it’s good…my dear friend tells me that I’m a “HOOT” & 3/4! I make her laugh & YOU make me laugh! You have a gift of taking the simply yearly birthday that we all have and make it funny! Keep writing, Keep Preaching & please KEEP us laughing, it’s sooooooo good for the SOUL! ~smile~

    P.S. Awesome people have May birthday! Just sayN’ 😉


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