The Day After

Part Six

Passover and Easter Morning

Opening Thought

The day after a day of days is always a let down. Such as the morning after Christmas, the day after a great vacation, or the morning after a much anticipated event. The day after a great day can be tough.

For Consideration

What was it like the day after the resurrection?



 Here is a list of things I think he didn’t do:

  1. Jesus didn’t sleep in.
  2. He didn’t shop for clothes and personal items.
  3. Jesus didn’t start a well deserved vacation.
  4. He didn’t see a doctor to have his wounds and injuries checked out.
  5. He didn’t muster an army to go to war with Rome.

Nope. None of the above seem viable. 

Scripture does tell us what Jesus did on the day of his resurrection. He appeared to Mary Magdalene, then to two disciples on their was to Emmaus, then later to the eleven and to those gathered with them. 

But as for the day after his resurrection, there is nothing mentioned.

So what are some possibilities for the day after?

  1. He gathered the apostles to encourage them.
  2. He spent some time with mother to reassure her.
  3. He gathered those who stood by him to bless them.
  4. He spoke about the coming kingdom and the day of Pentecost.
  5. He spoke about his ascension and the coming Holy Spirit.


 I suggest that the day after the resurrection was anything but a let down, or a day to rest and recuperate. The forty days after his resurrection were a season of preparation. 

At the end of those days:

ascension 1.png

The Messiah would ascend. The Holy Spirit would arrive. The Kingdom would launch.

In Closing

The day after was the first day to ready his apostles for the great commission. It started the countdown to his ascension, to the New Covenant, and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

My faith in Jesus Christ, and yours, is possible because that day. 

Thank you Jesus.

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