One Dark Night

Part Four

Passover and Easter Morning

Opening Thought

I’ve been called for jury duty several times. But so far, I’ve not been empaneled. Each time I was excused, or unneeded, I felt relief to not be sitting in court for a few days. But mostly, the relief was not having to sit in judgment of someone. In this week of Passover, we pause to recognize that Jesus was judged. The jury of his peers were only to happy to serve. 

Now Jesus

After his arrest, they led him away to be tried. Thus began a long and difficult night for Jesus, he was on trial for his life.

Jesus On Trial Banner

Jesus and The Night of Trials

  1. Jesus was taken to Caiaphas, the high priest.
  2. Then to the chief priests and Jewish Sanhedrin. 
  3. They pronounced him guilty and sent him to Pilate.
  4. Learning he was Galilean, Pilate sent him to Herod.
  5. Herod sent him back to Pilate.
  6. Pilate found no offense for death, but had Jesus scourged.
  7. The crowd unappeased, Pilate released him for crucifixion.



The Sanhedrin, chief priests, and rabbi’s declared him guilty and worthy of death. The final straw was his answer to this question, “Are you the son of God?” Jesus said, “You are right in saying I am.”

In saying, “I am” was Jesus claiming to be as the Father, the great I Am?

The soldiers took him out to the crucifixion place. A large number of people followed, including women who mourned for him. Arriving at Golgotha, they nailed him to the cross.

For Consideration

I don’t understand why the high priest, Sanhedrin, and rabbis, were so hateful and violent towards Jesus.

The obvious reasons were:

  1. jealousy
  2. blasphemy
  3. envy of his popularity
  4. new interpretations of Torah 
  5. his authority
  6. age: he was early thirties and they much older
  7. failure to defeat him in rabbinic debates/discussions

I understand these reasons, but still.  

Were they really happy when he died? Did they celebrate their victory? As they gathered their families that evening for Passover-Sabbath, did they feel more joyful, were their observances more holy and righteous? 

Closing Thought

Imagine their thoughts, how they felt and reacted, when they saw Jesus resurrected. 

How would you have felt?



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