Arrogant Gratitude?

Part Three

Passover and Easter Morning


Opening Thought

Sometimes, when I’m not thinking clearly, I think of myself as important. I’m not.

The Story

Yesterday morning, as I was paying for a coffee and bagel, I discovered I only had $2.00 in cash. 


Reaching for my debit card, I remembered that I’d recently lost it. Then I reached for my rarely used credit card, which normally stays at home. It was in my wallet due to the lost debit card. I swiped the card and bingo: DECLINED.

The young lady looked at me with compassion. I’m not sure, but I think she felt sorry for me. She said the $2.00 was enough and told me not to worry about it. I was embarrassed and awkward. I wanted to say, “I’m an important man, believe me, I can afford coffee and a bagel” But I didn’t. I handed her the $2.00 and she gave me the, “It’s okay honey, I understand,” look.

I finished the bagel, called and got the CC glitch fixed, then went up to pay for it. But she wouldn’t accept it. She said, “I like getting to do something nice for someone.” Usually I’m the one doing something nice, you know, since I’m important. 

Now Jesus

On his way to Passover, a group of ten lepers approached him. They called out, “Jesus, Master, have pity on us.” 

Jesus took pity. He sent them to a priest, so they could be pronounced clean, as they went, they were healed.

One came back, threw himself at Jesus’s feet, and thanked him. He was the only one. “Where are the other nine,” asked Jesus?  

Jesus was important, he was God among us, Isaiah’s Emanuel. The lepers knew he was important too. But not so important that they should take the time to thank him. 

To Think About

I think of him as being greater than anyone or anything in my life. He cleansed the leprosy of my sin, redeemed me and set me free.

Odd though, that in pursuit of being important, I haven’t fallen on my knees to thank him in a long time. I haven’t made the time to express appreciation. How important can he be? 

In Closing

As we approach Sunday and the resurrection celebration, let’s not forget the question Jesus asked, “Where are the other nine?” 


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