Gettin’ Down On The Farm

Opening Thoughts

I feel better when I work out and feel worse when I don’t. Working out reduces weight, lowers blood pressure, and increases energy. Feeling fit is fine. Lately, I’ve been slothful.

After months of watching my numbers go in bad directions, I repented. Back to the gym for Rick, at 5:00 AM. It was rough. 

I walked the treadmill, did some weights, and some stretching. Elapsed time: 8 minutes. Well, it was longer, but not much. 


To Think About

My grandparents didn’t have fitness centers or gym memberships. They would have scoffed at paying hard earned money to grunt, groan, and sweat.

They were trim, not heavy or fat, but really healthy looking.

They ate sausage, bacon, and eggs, with toast and biscuits with real butter and home made preserves. I don’t think they knew about cholesterol and trans-fat. They worked hard all their lives, right up to the time that they couldn’t, then they passed on.

A quick Google search revealed the following:

  1. An hour of chopping wood burns 500 calories.
  2. Carrying a 5 gallon bucket of water for an hour burns 600 calories. (If you walked 15 minutes each way to get water, twice a day, that’s an hour.)
  3. Walking burns 110 calories an hour. How many miles does a farmer walk each day?
  4. Then there were the general farm chores, projects, and planting and harvesting
  5. With modern farm implements, indoor plumbing and electricity, there was less physical labor, but still, farming was hard work.

The average farmer could burn 2500-3000 calories a day just doing his normal chores. He wouldn’t just be slim, his arms, chest, and legs would be really fit. His hands like vice grips. 

In Closing

I don’t chop wood, our fireplace doesn’t burn wood, it’s fueled by natural gas. The only water I carry is in the glass I drink at dinner, from the table and back again, wow, feel the burn. 

Not sure how much I walk each day, mostly I sit at a desk.

Tomorrow morning, 5:00 AM, its back to the gym, I’ll lift weights, burn some cardio, and stretch these knotted muscles. And will pay them for the privilege. 

I love modern life. 




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