Is It The End?

Is Jesus Coming Soon?

The End Times

As I was having coffee one morning, a table of men sitting next to me were engaged in a bible study. They were discussing their ideas about the end times. As they talked, it was obvious that it was less of a bible study and more about their opinions. The bible was not being used, paraphrased, or even referenced.

What are the “end times?” 

The “end times”  generally refers to:

  1. The end of the world
  2. The last days before Jesus returns
  3. Events indicating judgment is close
  4. All the above

The study of the end times is called eschatology, from the Greek words for: “last” and “study” as in “the study of last things.” There are books, theories, doctrines, theologies, opinions, and conjectures about the end times.

This blog is neither a homily or an apology (Greek definition) of my end time beliefs, but I would like to offer a few thoughts:

  1. Jesus stated clearly that no one would know the hour or day of his appearing.
  2. The Judgment Day, and the world’s end, will happen on a day unknown to anyone. 
  3. Scripture points to signs of the last days, but the signs are so intentionally nonspecific that they cannot be applied to any earthly events in any age.

Since the days of the apostles, false messiahs and end time provocateurs have been making end time predictions. But century after century passes without a single prediction coming true. 

Recently, a woman approached the table where a friend and I were having lunch. She asked if we were ready for the end times. She stated that world events were making it obvious that Jesus’s return was immenent, as in the next few weeks. Now that I think about it, that happened more than a year ago. 

There’s an endless list of preachers and prophets who have proclaimed the day and the hour of Christ’s return. But one by one they have all been silenced by the disappointment of their own erroneous predictions. 

So do not be frightened or concerned by the messages of well intentioned people who will boldly tell you when. They don’t know when, no one does. However, there is something we all need to do, we need to be ready for whenever he returns. 

A God connection must exist. Our salvation through Jesus our Messiah, with his Spirit in our hearts, must be real. He may come today, tomorrow, or the day after that, or in a hundred years. Focus on being ready, for a rock solid faith will serve you better than the manic motivation of a mistaken message.  

But one thing is for sure, we don’t when, we just need to be ready for whenever.



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