Top 10 Lost & Found Items


Here is a list of the top ten things people lose the most:

  1. car keys
  2. cell phone 
  3. tv remote     
  4. wallet
  5. purse
  6. ring
  7. watch
  8. glasses
  9. pet
  10. your mind

My parents once lost me in a store, then someone found me and took me to the lost and found department. A lady got on the intercom and said they had little boy named Ricky who could be claimed at the lost and found department. They came and claimed me.

I know how to find lost things. If I lose the remote, it’s usually between the seat cushions. If not then its probably on a kitchen counter, having set it down to get a snack or something. I know how to look. 

Keys can hide anywhere. I’ll turn the house upside down to find them. Usually they are right where I left them, right out in the open, as if they were begging to be found. 

This all reminds me of Jesus. He told stories about a shepherd searching for a sheep, a woman looking for a coin, and a father watching for his son to return. The parables illustrate our importance to God, how determined and committed he is to saving us. For each lamb is precious, each coin has value, and each person is created in God’s own image. If lost, he wants us back.

As we approach Passover and Easter’s resurrection, we should remember that we too have been lost. For we have all sinned, fallen short, and missed the glory of God. We were lost but someone found us. We were sinners but someone saved us.

In Closing

We will look and not give up until we find whatever is lost. Why? Because of its value. We value things and we know how to find them when they are missing.

Our spiritual lost and found department is the heart of the Kingdom of God; and our King is bringing us home.



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