A Day of Days


Okay. Life is better and making better sense. Here is why. Yesterday’s blog was about my impatience with people who take too long to fix their coffee. I commented on how socially unaware they are, impervious to those who are patiently waiting. I made a request for the self-absorbed to get a clue. Today, somebody did, somebody had a clue. Coffee drinkers everywhere must have read my blog. Which seems odd since hardly anyone follows my blog. O well. 

coffee bar

Here’s what happened. Early this morning, I frequented a different but favored coffeehouse. I paid for my coffee, stepped over to the coffee bar, and of course, someone was already there. But this was to be a Day of Days! This fellow patron sensed someone was waiting, stepped to her left, and said, “Dive right in.” Can you believe it? Dive right in! O the sweetness of life! I asked her if she read my blog. She asked who I was. I told her my name and she said no, she had never heard of me. Hmmm. She perfected her coffee and off she went.

Then suddenly I realized that I had the coffee bar all to myself. Perhaps for the first time ever. O joy of joys. I relaxed, took my time, and relished the privacy. It was so great! As I was finishing my fixing I heard behind me a soft but intentional, “Excuse me sir.” This person, who was borderline obnoxious, just had to get his coffee fixed right now!

Wow! Are you kidding me? Really? I mean talk about insensitive and pushy! Frankly, I found his impatience annoying. Who was he to hurry me? Wasn’t it my turn to fix my coffee? Wait your turn fella. 

Some people are so rude. 

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