The Dark Elixir

I’ll admit it. Patience isn’t a strength of mine. No one has ever extolled my patience. Not even once have I been complimented on my patience.

Having made that confession, I will say that I am more patient in some cirucmstances than in others. One occasion that stretches my virtue to the breaking point involves the dark elixir.

What is the dark elixer? Well, here is a list of things it isn’t:

  1. rocket fuel
  2. liquid medicine
  3. crude oil
  4. synthetic material
  5. oozing mud

No, the dark elixir, as I call it, is less complicated, commonly abundant, and highly sought in every day life. I’m referring to coffee. I like coffee. I like it a lot. Really good coffee is something I really enjoy.

However, if I’m getting coffee in a public venue and want to add some half and half, I’m often confronted with delays that would test the patience of Ghandi.

It befuddles and discombobulates me. I’m referring to coffeehouse patrons who are so unaware, so impervious of others, that it defies comprehension. I’ve too many times stood in a line to fix my coffee that moved slower than the line to get my coffee.

Here is a reenactment of a typical, insensitive, culturally unaware, coffee patron taking way too long to fix his cup of liquid gold.

  1. The first taste of the morning:IMG_1849

2. It needs a little something:


3. Not quite right:


4. Maybe just a little more:


5. Stirring the coffee several times is the key:


6. Almost there:


7. Ah, perfecto! And it only took seven minutes:

 These people know what they want, they’ve done this scores of times. Come on folks, it’s time to get a clue. It isn’t liquid gold, or the dark elixir, its just coffee. Fix it and move on.

In Conclusion

This morning at 6:00, I was the first one here. I got my coffee, fixed it the way I like it,  then spilled it all over the table. Had to start over.

Then, while writing this blog and loading the pictures, I accidentally deleted all the text. And had to start over. 

Okay, maybe this blog lacks focus as well as a point. 

But maybe this is it: I could be a little more understanding, just a little more patient. Maybe. 

Have a good day. 

3 thoughts on “The Dark Elixir

  1. Bro. Rick, I have a motto that I live by, well maybe several, but I’ll just share one for now! One of my top motto’s is “LAUGHTER is GOOD for the SOUL”! I came in from my back yard, where I just finished my quite time with my Lord! Opened my computer and read your blog on “Dark Elixir”, I can relate to the lure of the “Dark Elixir”, I too like to start my day off with just the right cup. More importantly I enjoy refreshing my “JOY” with laughter and our blog and your pictures made me laugh out loud, with great JOY! Have a blessed day, in HIM!

    Una Keen


  2. Most days I start off with a cup of coffee at an informal “Coffee Club” at a local Donut Shop. The coffee and the friendships are both great. Most members are retired and bring interesting and varied backgrounds to the meetings. As an extra benefit, someone always seems to know who to recommend locally for any kind of job or repair needed.


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