Profit or Die: Your Choice

A few days before Jerusalem and Passover week, Jesus traveled to Jericho and engaged a famous tax collector named  Zacchaeus. While he was there he told this troubling story.

The main points: A nobleman went to a distant country to be made king. But before he did, he gave ten of his servants some money to invest, expecting a profit when he returned. The implication was that the servants who invested well would keep some of what they earned. But not everyone invested well, or at all, and not everyone survived. 

Three observations:

  1. Some servants hated him, didn’t invest, and rejected him as king.
  2. One servant accepted him as king, but buried the money in the ground.
  3. Some embraced their master as king and invested their money wisely.

The results:

  1. Those who were faithful with the king’s money were well blessed.
  2. The “wicked servant” who buried the money forfeited everything.
  3. Those who hated the king were brought before him, and executed. 

A difficult parable to be sure. Was Jesus the king? Did the money represent His teaching? Did Jesus offer his kingdom knowing there would be three results:

  1. Those who believed would be richly blessed.
  2. Those who believed but refused to serve him would lose everything.
  3. Those who rejected him as king would pay for their hate with their lives.


Jesus left Jericho and went up to Jerusalem. He entered the city in great triumph and thus began the last week of his life. He daily taught, healed, and helped the people. But it wouldn’t last.

Some believed and served him well. Others buried the message inside their cold, dark hearts. Others just flat out rejected Jesus, hating and despising him. They made certain he was arrested. They made sure he was beaten, whipped, and nailed. And what would their outcome be? 

As we approach the week of Easter it’s a good time to examine who Jesus is to us and who we are to him. 

Three Parting Questions:

  1. Are you blessed by your faith in Jesus?
  2. Have you conveniently buried him somewhere?
  3. Has he been rejected by you? 

Think about it.


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