It’s Harder to Find

In Luke 13 Jesus was asked, “Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?”

When someone speaks of getting saved, it usually refers to the following:

  1. An admission of sin and the need for grace
  2. A statement of faith in God and in Jesus his son
  3. The change of heart known as repentance
  4. Joining the Messiah in his death, burial, and resurrection by baptism

But the question about how many would be saved probably didn’t include any of the above.

Jesus’s message was about the kingdom, for the people to repent because the kingdom was near. To the Jews, salvation was entering the coming kingdom. Jesus said that kingdom entrance was based on two gates and two roads.

Those entering the wide gate wasn’t a reference to unbelievers. Those on the broad road were children of Abraham, believers in jeopardy.

wide gates

Not much is required for the wide gate. There’s no real faith or sacrifice, no humility or brokenness. The broad road is crowded with believers thinking the kingdom is theirs. Jesus said not everyone calling him Lord would enter the kingdom. Many would speak of  preaching, casting out demons, and miracles done in his name as qualifying them for membership, but Jesus said he never knew them.

Jesus didn’t know them because he was on the narrow road, while the many used the wide gates leading to destruction.The big wide road is filled with the self-righteous, proud, and disobedient. They proclaimed the message, but their hearts were far from it.

He talked about a narrow door and about a narrow gate. His teaching challenged the children of God to enter the narrow door while it was opened.  If they waited, the door might close.

narrow gate.jpg

The narrow gate wasn’t narrow to keep people out, or to prevent them from being saved. For God so loved the world that he gave it his son. The gate was small to make it harder to find. The smaller gate isn’t easily found.

The gate wasn’t small to keep people out, it was small to make it harder to find. The true believer in his brokenness seeks the door leading to grace. When he finds it, he humbly knocks to beg for mercy.

“Knock and the door will be opened to you,” said Jesus.

Look for the narrow gate. It’s harder to find, but so worth the effort.


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