It’s So Monday…

Mostly I write my blogs in the early mornings. Like today, it’s 6:00 AM and I’m writing about writing in the early mornings. Excellent, that’s already 28 words. 


I’m in my favorite coffee house, which officially opens at 6:00 but they let me in at 5:55.  The ambience is good. The music eclectic, like the chocolates, I never know what I’ll get. I like it here, this place makes me feel like a real writer, so I’m writing. Oh, and the coffee is excellent. 

coffee cup

 I’ll also begin capturing thoughts for next Sunday’s sermon. The funny thing about delivering sermons for a living is that no matter how it went on Sunday, a home run or a strike out, come Monday morning it starts all over again.

mac and coffee.jpg

In an average year, I’ll deliver 48 sermons to my church. I’ll teach 48 Sunday morning bible classes. I’ll teach 25 times on Wednesday nights. I’ll officiate 3 weddings and 8 funerals, although this year I have already conducted 11 funerals. I’ll speak for three to five other churches. I’ll attend 100-120 meetings and will provide counseling for a couple dozen people. We have a professional counseling ministry in our church, so I don’t do as much as I used to. I’ll have 96 breakfasts and 126 lunches with various church members for a variety of reasons. And there will be some other stuff too. 

Odd, it’s only 6:30 and I feel tired. 

It occurs to me that there really isn’t a message in this blog. 

So let me wrap up with something worthwhile. 

We are living our lives, doing our work, and taking care of business. But let’s take a moment to recognize that each day each of us has opportunities. The opportunity to smile at someone, to offer a kind word, and maybe to provide a thankless service. We have the opportunity to pray, anytime we want, for God runs the prayer channel, all prayers all the time, 24/7. We can read his love letter all we want, over and over, for God so loved the world he gave the Word just for us. 

So have a good week, be strong in the Lord, make your days count. Be awesome.



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