Cats, Candy, & Controllers


My son told me about a question he asked someone at church this morning. “How much weight can you lift?” The reply was, “I don’t know how much weight I can lift, but I can lift a lot of cats.”



My wife bought some dark chocolate, salted caramels. Yes, that’s right, I said dark chocolate. I can’t stand dark chocolate, its bitter and horrible. But I do like salted caramels. 



 Last night we were talking about a Hunger Games movie, Mockingly, Part 1. We had seen it, or thought we had, we couldn’t remember. So I got the TV controller and pulled up our Amazon Fire TV and Netflix accounts. Turned out we had bought and downloaded the movie, watched about half of it, then never finished it. I have no idea. 



When it comes to lifting things, it’s easier if it’s something I like. I don’t care for cats, so lifting a basket of them would be egregious. But for those who do, then a basket full of cats would be easier to lift than a basket of bricks of comparable weight. 

I’ll put up with things I don’t like if it leads me to something I do like. The agony of dark chocolate is more bearable once I get to the salty caramel. My love for the salted caramel exceeds my disdain for the bitter chocolate. 

I’m slowly moving towards middle age defectiveness. I can’t remember ordering the movie. I can’t remember watching the first half. I have no idea what happened. It was weeks ago. 

Lessons Learned

1. God wants me to carry the burdens of others. Jesus wants me to carry the load of those exploiting me due to my faith. Some days the burden is cute baby kittens. Some days it’s a basket full of grief and heartache. Lesson: Carry it anyway. 

2. How much sin will I commit to get to something I want?  The momentary pleasure of wrong things always comes at a price, for there is bitterness in the deceitfulness of sin. Do I justify the bitterness to gain a small measure of pleasure?  Lesson: Live honorably. 

3. I need to finish what I start, not forgetting, and not procrastinating. Have my godly intentions dissolved? My relationship with God shouldn’t exist like land half plowed, with the plow abandoned in the field. Lesson: Finish the work.


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