My Great Old Car

I got my first car in 1973. I was 16 and working hard to make the Honor Roll. Why? Because in our small town the students making the HR got their names in the paper. I think my parents liked the idea of my name being in the paper, for the awards, not the other stuff.

Dad’s deal was simple: if I made the Honor Roll then I got a car. It wouldn’t be new, or fancy, or anything close to what I wanted. However, it would work and it would be mine. Deal. 

At the semester’s end, my name was in the paper. I came home after school and there was Dad to congratulate me and to shake my hand. The car keys were in his hand. I was the newest owner of a 1961 Chevy Bel Air, four door sedan, with several katrillion (not a real word) miles. But it worked and it was mine. I was proud of it.

bel aire

A year later I sold it, added the money to my car fund and bought a better car, a 1964 Impala Super Sport. 

1964 Impala SS 2

It’s funny about cars. Early in 2009 I bought a 2008 Toyota that was less than a year old.  It had low miles, leather seats, and some really nice features and add-ons. I felt great driving it, my spirit was lifted and my ego was boosted. But somewhere in 2013 I began to grow tired of it. In 2014 I got the wandering eye and began noticing other cars. Last  year, in 2015, I began looking at new cars. Now, in 2016, Im giving serious thought to buying one. After all, the Toyota is about to turn 150,000 miles. 

Yep, going to get me something new and shiny and cutting edge. Something to lift my spirit and boost my ego. It’s a new car for Rick. No, it won’t be wildly expensive and it probably won’t be European. But it won’t be an Honor Roll car either.


However, my car really does run fine. In fact, the engine runs fine most of the time and almost everything else works fine almost all the time. 

You know what? I’m starting to rethink buying a new one. Maybe I’ll keep it and drive it for another year to two. Maybe my spirit doesn’t need lifting. My ego is probably boosted quite enough already. 

Great decision Rick! Way to go.

Excuse me, but I need to get my car to the dealer. Some warning lights came on and something just stopped working. Maybe I’ll look at some cars while they fix it. 


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