Weekend Welcome

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon, central standard time. Which means it’s nearly Friday night which means it’s almost the weekend.

Many of you will go out tonight. You’ll eat in restaurants, go see a movie, stroll around in the mall, or even do some shopping. Others will stay in, order a pizza, and watch a movie. Some will play games, play with the kids, or just hang out with fiends. 

Young people will have dates tonight; and maybe even tomorrow night! They will soon be getting ready, excited, nervous, especially for those on the first date. Are they wondering if it will go well, or will it not? Actually, it’s a miracle any of us managed to get married. 

Some of you will go out to clubs and bars. You will drink and socialize, maybe dance and flirt, or maybe more. Some of you will get drunk, or stoned, or high. Some will be looking for things to do afterward. And some of you who are going to do these things are Christians, believers in Jesus Christ, hence the name Christian.

Didn’t somebody sing a song about it being pay day and getting drunk and somehow turning in to somebody important? Oh well. I can’t remember. Seems kind of pitiful.

Well, I’m not blogging to judge, lest I be judged, for I too am a sinner. But wearing the name of Christ should mean something to us. It should shape our values, streamline our activities, restrain our desires, and cause us to think some holy thoughts. Don’t you think?

Have a good weekend. Choose integrity, good character, and good decisions. 

“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

Make Jesus proud.

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