Speak Now Or Forever…

No, this isn’t a blog about archaic wedding questions posed by antiquated acolytes. It’s about speaking up when the occasion calls for it. For some, any occasion is right for speaking up, and they often do it rudely. We know who they are. For others, the right occasion has never arisen. They aren’t confrontational, they don’t like conflict. For them, there is no occasion that’s right for speaking up, nor will there ever be.

coffeeSo here is the thing. I was standing in line at a coffee place, waiting to order. There was only one person in front of me, which was pleasing, since there are often many. But the one person wasn’t doing well. A beverage was ordered but the patron required further assistance; and about what I never figured out. The gross tonnage of things I fail to figure out would stun a twenty mule team in its tracks. But finally, after twelve minutes of waiting that was probably only three, it was my turn.

I knew what I wanted and I wanted them to hurry, so I quickly made my order, gave my name, and stepped to the pick up counter. This wouldn’t take long, I thought. It did. Finally, I sat down to play with my phone anticipating my name being called any moment. It wasn’t. After twenty minutes it occured that there was a problem. So I asked if the beverage for Rick was nearly finished. It wasn’t. Actually, it hadn’t even started.

I was feeling righteous about being unrighteous. I was about to give a piece of my mind, something they were sure to dread. Then this happened next. The person meeting me for coffee encouraged me to back off, take a seat, and be quiet. I did. I don’t know what my friend said, but it worked. In record setting time our beverages were hand delivered. They were extra good, and two sizes larger than what I had ordered.

The moral of the story is this. It’s a good thing to speak up when the occasion requires it. But it’s never good to be grouchy, snippy, or rude. Those things Jesus never did.

The person behind the counter didn’t do it on purpose, she wasn’t being lazy or neglectful. It was an accident. I really enjoyed my extra large beverage and had a lovely conversation with my friend.


2 thoughts on “Speak Now Or Forever…

  1. That is a very good example of a good use of a cell phone….it will keep us from making a fool of ourselves sometimes.

    Lonnie Moffitt


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