So Much From So Little

Words and Letters


Google says there are 129,864,880 books that have been published.

How can millions of books, written in English, come from just 26 letters? The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary includes entries for 171,476 words in current use, 47,156 obsolete words, and around 9500 derivative words. So about 225,000 words from 26 letters, amazing.


Songs and Notes


A different source suggests that there are 623,162,727 known songs in the world and roughly 46,000,000 that have been recorded and published.

How can millions of songs be written from just 12 notes in the octave scale?

So Much From So Little

It’s an unbelievable amount of books and songs; and all of them from just a few symbols. We say things like, “Big things come in small packages.” And this one, “The million mile journey begins with the first step.” How about this old chestnut, “Yard by yard its too hard, but inch by inch it’s a cinch.” My football coach would say that all first downs and touchdowns come one yard at a time, or even one foot at a time. He was right.

Jesus said that great trees come from small seeds, such as a mustard seed. He created the world, I guess he would know.

I keep thinking that things should get easier. But the rule continues to prove true. Everything good, everything great, happens only with hard work, tireless attention to detail, and the determination to never quit. People will say that some musician is an over night success; but the artist has probably been practicing and pursuing the dream for 20 years.

A few notes, a couple dozen letters; and hundreds of millions of books and songs. I guess big things come by the small steps of endless effort. I’m told that a new song is written every 2 minutes.

So what’s your excuse? Are you still waiting for it to get easier, simpler, or free? Trust me, it doesn’t.

Be encouraged, be inspired, to keep on going, to keep pursuing your goals, to not give up. Take the notes and letters and make something of your life. Make it better. Make it better for others. Change lives, inspire kids, fix problems, find solutions. Make your life count.

You are a mustard seed.





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