The Story of Two M’s

I love food. What I really love is food prepared and presented well. Many times have I enjoyed the fabulous hospitality of fantastic people. They excel at making me comfortable and assuring I have all I want. Their accommodations are perfect, the food is amazing, and their talents unrivaled. They are the best hosts!


So when I read about Mary and Martha, our two M’s, I am encouraged to see a broader view. Martha invited Jesus and his apostles to her home, so she was preparing food for at least 13 hungry men. Hospitality to the Jews was a sacred thing. Guests were considered gifts from God, so they were honored in every way. Mary was listening to Jesus teach and Martha was busy making the meal. Martha wasn’t wrong.

The rub for Martha was that Mary wasn’t helping. She thought Mary was insensitive for not assisting with the preparations. She was also annoyed with Jesus for not saying something to Mary. Who was Martha the most irritated with? With Mary for not helping or with Jesus for not intervening?

But Jesus wasn’t moved to do so. He told Martha that Mary was doing something important and it wouldn’t be taken away. That was probably tough for Martha to hear.

Some observations for you

  1. Notice that Jesus didn’t tell Martha to stop cooking and start listening.
  2. Nor did he encouraged Mary to be more supportive of her sister.
  3. Their culture wouldn’t allow men to help, just the same, none of them did.
  4. Church and bible class are awesome. When its over, we all want lunch.
  5. How do you feel about those who are busy doing less important things?

We all know that listening to the Word of Christ is essential, it’s the highest priority. But in day to day life is there not room for both? Can I not feed myself spiritually and still make sure to serve my family and friends?


So hang on to Jesus. Feed your family. Take care of your loved ones. Stop judging those investing in seemingly lesser endeavors. Jesus is Lord. He will take care of it.


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