The snowball affect: avalanche, mud slides, floods, and hail storms. Another way of saying it: pressure, time limits, deadlines, high expectations, quotas, minimums, water over your head, your head against the ceiling, projects going south, upset clients, and clients lost to competitors. It’s overwhelming.

The work isn’t lessening, it’s increasing. The work week isn’t getting shorter, it’s getting longer. The pressure isn’t letting off, it’s piling on; and it’s piling on top of our heads. Are we wagging the tail or is the tail wagging us?

Maybe we should back off and check out. Buy an old van and park it down by a river. Reject the system, get off the grid. A word of advice: Be sure the van has running water and a fine home theater system, after all, we aren’t animals.

A friend has a wood carving on his wall: “Simplify.”

I love that. Appreciate that. Sounds great. How do I do that?

Some suggest I put my head down and power through. Sure, okay. Some say to pull myself up by my boot straps and keep going. Yep, makes sense. Does anyone know what boot straps are? Do Italian loafers have straps?

I’ll quit my job. Sell my house. Get rid of my stuff. Pack up the wife and head to the Colorado Rockies in my new, old van, down by the river. We’ll be mountain people, live off the land and leave stress and hassles behind.

Do mountain people have dental insurance? What about Christmas and the kids? Not sure how many can fit in the van. What about a satellite dish, I mean, I’m not missing my shows and the upcoming college football season.

Perhaps the whole mountain thing is overrated. Actually, I like my home and my refrigerator, and indoor plumbing. AC and heat are nice too, and ice makers.

There is a price for the life I live. It has pressure, and freeways, and the challenges of urban existence.

Maybe I need to stop whining, quit complaining, and start praying more, and trusting in the power of God, more. Someone wrote, “I asked God to make me happy. And God said, I’ve given you blessing, happiness is up to you.”

Actually, I love my life. Thank you Lord.


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  1. Fine home theater and a satellite dish – so well spoken by a Man. Do you think a van down by the lake is how Woodstock got its start…..just sayin. Good thoughts. This is hard to do, but I am working on this very thing. Think about it, I refused to go to one of many meetings on my calendar earlier this week. It is a start. Judy Z


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