The Meaning of Super


super bowl

I watched the game last night. Denver won, 24-10 which is great since I’m a Broncos fan. Carolina is a fine team and I hold no anti-Panther bias, I just like Denver.

It was mostly a defensive battle. Carolina’s Cam really struggled. I don’t think he has been as contained, hurried, sacked, and confused as he was last night. But Cam is a rising star, and he’ll be back.

I enjoyed the game, and it’s always fun when your team wins. However, I found myself wondering when the “super” part of the Super Bowl would show up. The commercials were better than in recent years, but they weren’t super. Lady Gaga sang the opening, and she was fine as it goes, but for me the higher highlight was the Blue Angels flying over the stadium. The halftime show was okay. Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce all jumped, leaped, strutted, and they certainly put on a visual display. But the music, like its time slot, was merely half.

Then there was the game. Frankly, many games during season were more exciting to watch. Any number of college games were far more exciting. But Denver won, the celebration began, and the super stars of Super Bowl 50 were hunted down and interviewed. I was disappointed in Peyton when he clumsily inserted his pitch for Bud’s beer. I spent the next few minutes thinking about the money Anheuser-Busch paid him. Then I turned off the tv and went to bed. Good night Super Bowl 50.

Maybe the meaning of super is better defined by our Youth Group who walked around yesterday morning accepting donations to feed the poor. Now that was super! Sure, the game had fancy promotions, massive hype, and 125,000,000 viewers. Just the same, I’m more impressed with our kids.

Now that’s the real definition of super.




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